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Hexee 3

Working with colors has never been easier

The companion app for designers and artists that simplifies your everyday work with colors

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All the color tools you need in a single app.

Carefully crafted tools for developers, designers and artists like you.

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Shades & Tints
Random palette
Check Contrast
Mix Colors
Color Blindness


Check contrast

Check if the color picked for a text is comfortably readable against a given background

Mix Colors

Mix colors in different color spaces to play with variations

Color Blindness

Simulate how people with various kinds of color blindness see compared to a person with normal color vision


Generate aesthetically pleasant color schemes based on harmony rules


Start from a base color and try its variations in multiple color spaces

Color Values

See all the values a color has in each color space

Color Scales

Play with a color and make it darker, brighter, warmer... Anything you like!

Tints, Tones, Shades

Explore tints and shades starting from a base color

Random Palette

Running out of ideas? Hexee can automatically generate color schemes for you!

Palette Editor

Check and edit multiple colors at once with this powerful mode


Check the perceived lightness️ of your palette to easily create contrasting colors

And much more!

Hexee 3 is still under development.

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